About us

Who We Are

We are an architectural firm formed by young enthusiastic architects registered with the Council of Architects, India and with companies act with a supporting team of technically qualified engineers and architects. We are based in Chennai and are working on projects throughout South India. We are committed to a ‘team’ effort, enabling the seamless integration of all the necessary skills required in realizing a unique product. Our patronage is of a wide range and the relationship with our clients continue long after completion of projects which is an upshot of successful & satisfactory outcome.

How We Work

We believe that design is about more than meeting people’s needs—it is the art of realizing their aspirations and changing the way they experience the world. The best results come from a balance of disciplines: planning, interiors, engineering, and architecture. This total design approach means seamless coordination, from the dynamic initial design stages to the pride in seeing users inspired by the end result.

What Drives Us

Urgent environmental and social challenges place a greater emphasis on engineering solutions than ever before. The principle of architects and engineers working together is integral to our culture. It allows us to focus our energies and to use resources economically. By understanding what is possible, we can achieve the seemingly impossible. Together, we can shape the future, by applying creativity and emergent technologies to design buildings that anticipate new ways of living, working and learning.

We are working towards simplicity